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Some Facts About The Big Apple

In case you're not from New York . . .

New York City is the most densely populated city in the United States, and the Metropolitan Area, is one of the most progressive, ethnically diversified urban centers in the world. New Yorkers have experienced, at the very least, their share of local and national tragedies. They tend to be receptive to change.

Complete Sky View of New York City and Beyond

In New York State, we have seen the gap between the rich and poor increase here as rapidly as it has throughout our country.

For the most part, New York is a place where people are willing to share their insights, and we arrived at many of the views we present throughout this website by talking to New Yorkers. These are views that are published by the Huffington Post.

To be frank, you can’t get too far in the city itself for just pennies. But if you don't visit New York in your lifetime, you will certainly miss seeing a unique melting pot population, not to mention many of America's most significant landmarks.

The fact is, New York is the twenty-seventh most extensive, the third-most populous, and the seventh-most densely populated of the fifty United States and was originally founded and colonized in 1624 or 25 by the Dutch West India Company, on the middle shores of the Hudson River. Our capitol city is Albany, which is north of the five boroughs that comprise Greater New York.

New York State's overall population is close to twenty million. (That's not counting our pets and the livestock Upstate).

Visiting the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor is a very different, far more uplifting experience than simply seeing it in a photograph. It’s an undeniable fact!

Contrary to what many people assume, the title "the Big Apple" does not refer to the popularity of New York State's orchards and its popular early fall apple crop. It was originally a reference to the number of significant race tracks located here in the early twentieth century coined by enthusiastic horserace fans, bookies and gamblers.

Upstate New York lies far north of the famed Hamptons, Wall Street and other more metropolitan centers. You can visit Franklin Roosevelt's Hyde Park Estate and the DuPont Estate up there. This is wine country, and truly beautiful as well as bountiful; in many places industrial and pastoral at the same time. So, it is great for camping, mountain climbing, sailing, running, horseback riding, vacationing, antiquing and casino gambling.

Follow the Hudson River north to Hudson Bay, or travel inland to Niagra Falls, and you will find yourself at the border to Canada.

You can learn even more by clicking the icons below.

Link To New York City Official Guide Website

The City's full breadth of activities is virtually limitless.

Link To Official Empire State Building Tours Site

For a view from the top, you can buy Empire State Building Observation Deck Tickets.

Link to Map of The New York Subways

It is easy to get around in New York City. For example, you can cick on the numbers or letters across the top of this chart, and get an easy to read text list of that line's stops and all possible transfers.

Compass Dot Com and Urban Compass with its New York City Neighborhoods Guide

Visit Compass and Urban Compass. Among other things, there are endless neighborhoods to visit in this east coast melting pot, each with a unique character.

Link To The New York Landmarks Conservancy

New York’s extraordinary historic buildings and charming neighborhoods are preserved and protected by donor contributions. You can even visit old Manhattan subway stations.

The Official New York State Tourism Site

Majestic mountains, lakes, farmlands and vineyards make Upstate New York spellbinding!

Free Newsletter about New York, its history and places to visit.

Free Newsletter about New York, its history and some wonderful places to visit.

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